Free identifier - a free identifier is an alias on the free plan which you can use on one of our free domains. For example, choosing the free identifier "catch" on the domain "" allows you to receive emails at [email protected] or at [email protected] etc. In the case of this example, as long as the address contains [email protected] you will get the email.

Rule - a rule is a more complex way to direct or block emails. Rules can apply to the sender address, the alias or both. You can then block or explicitly forward the email to one or more of your private email addresses (or a webhook). Rules accept wildcards and negative matching. For example: *[email protected] will apply to any alias that contains "catch", [email protected] will apply to any alias that does not contain "catch". Rules are also executed in the order they are listed. You can drag and drop rules to change their order.

Simple Block - a simple block is a toggle for blocking a sender domain or an alias. You can only block senders or aliases after receiving the first email there. Be carefuly as a block will overwrite any rule!

Domain - a domain is a real domain you can license through us. The registration and renewal price is included in the subscription price. We handle the mail settings for domains so that you can start receiving emails right away.

BYOD (Bring your own domain) - a BYOD or self hosted domain is a domain which you own. This brings the same features as a domain hosted through us, but you are responsible for administering the DNS records.

Authenticated email addresses / Additional forwarding addresses - these are email addresses that receive emails forwarded through CatchMailNot. Each email address has to be verified before receiving emails.

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