How can I reply to emails?

You can reply to any email forwarded through CatchMailNot just like any other email. Instead of showing your personal email address, the reply will come from the CatchMailNot alias.

How can I send emails?

Send an email to [domain] and replace [domain] with your paid plan domain, in the subject line include "to=[email address you want to send to]" and "from=[alias]". Then include your real subject line. This email must be sent from an authorized email address to be forwarded. This feature is restricted to domains and BYODs (free identifiers can only reply to an existing email conversation). This is what it would look like if your domain was and you are sending from the alias [email protected]:

This email would come from [email protected]

How do you ensure security and privacy?

CatchMailNot operates on a strict "no third party" rule that restricts us from using any third party for email operations. This way we can ensure no one has access to your data. We only access the email header information to route the email and emails are not stored on disk. The email statistics and the reply function flow is encrypted and signed. Features that collect email meta data can be turned off on a per domain or identifier basis. Emails are also TLS encrypted and DKIM signed when they leave CatchMailNot servers.

How do you ensure anonymity?

CatchMailNot hides your private email so that the original sender does not know where the email is going. Likewise, when you reply, our technology makes the email appear to be coming from your alias.

How do you make money?

We make money only with paid subscriptions.

How can I be sure this service won't disappear one day?

CatchMailNot is operated by Bansec LLC. All costs of running this service are already covered for multiple years to come, so we are not shutting down soon.

How can this protect me from phishing?

By creating one alias for each service you can verify the email origin. Lets say you receive a password reset email for Facebook but not on the alias you created for Facebook. Now you know that the password reset is not legitimate so it must be a phishing attempt.

How can this protect me from credential stuffing?

Once your email address has been found in a breach, hackers will try your leaked email/password combination on a bunch of websites. With CatchMailNot you can limit your exposure to one account. If one alias gets leaked it can not be used on any other website. We can (unless you disable the setting) automatically check if one of your aliases was leaked. Read more here

Do you offer Two Step Verification?

Yes. We offer token based authentication with apps such as Authy, Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator. We do not offer SMS based authentication as this has been found to be insecure.

What happens when I cancel my plan?

You can cancel your plan anytime. Your subscription will continue until the next renewal date. After that we will try to continue delivering your emails, but can't make guarantees. If you have licensed a domain through us, we will not renew it but are happy to transfer it to you. Please contact us before cancelling, we're happy to work with you to make sure that you don't lose access.

Can I keep my domain?

We would be happy to transfer a domain which you licensed through us after the 60 day wait. Please login to CatchMailNot and contact us using the internal feedback button.

I'm having trouble with something else.

Please contact us.